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Spanking is a sexual service on escorts’ list of favourites when the client’s buttocks are spanked with hands or with a special tool developed for this purpose (spanking paddle) by a dominatrix at a BDSMS seanse, by an escort in a kinky game, or it also can be a perverse sexual habit. 

In escort trade spanking is a softer form of perverse sexual plays when either the escort or the client carries out spanking on the other’s buttocks. What spanking is like and how intense it is depend on the client’s perverseness and the BDSM play in which it occurs.

Spanking play can be a tender sexual foreplay, when the client strips off the escort girl and stands her on all fours on a bed or makes her lean against a wall where he spanks her gently with hands or a spanking paddle.

There are other types of spanking as well in escort business. One of them is when the client expressly turns on getting beaten hard with a spanking paddle. It involves violent spanking that may cause bruises and marks on the bottom. 

The next form of spanking is what takes place at a BDSM seanse, when the dominatrix unmercifully punishes the slave by spanking him hard with a big spanking paddle. The extent of pain to cause is discussed with the escort beforehand. The preference can range from delicate spanking to beating, causing bleed and cutaneous injuries. There are different spanking paddles available at sex-shops for different intensities. There are paddles for delicate spanking, but bigger and punitive spankers are also available for BDSM plays for perverse clients.

Who spanks who after the successful escort meeting, whether escort does it to client or vice versa, it is the matter of agreement, though it also depends on what sort of escort the client has choosen. For instance, if a dominatrix escort girl’s time is purchased, the client as a slave will not have the opportunity to spank her in his inferior position. However, it also can happen that an escort girl will allow to be spanked delicately with hands whose list of favourite services on her profile does not include spanking.

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