Poop sex

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Poop sex is a kinky sexual fetishism in escort industry when – after mutual symphaty developed between client and escort – the sex worker defecates on the client, and if requested, she spreads her defecation on the client’s body which he occasionally consumes. 

Similarly to pee sex, poop sex can be interpreted as a sexual fetishism on bodily liquids, though poop sex is a lot more rarely presented on escorts’ favourite sexual services. Poop sex is a unidirectional perversion during which it is usally the client who receives the act of poop sex than the escort.  

Poop sex can be carried out by an escort girl, an escort boy, a shemale escort, a ladyboy escort or a dominatrix escort for clients. During poop sex escorts are usually requested simly to stool on the client’s body or head, but it also may happen that the clients asks to be defecated into his mouth directly.  

Besides, as a part of BDSM or domination play the dominatrix or the dominating party can force the slave (client) to eat his own feces.

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