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Massage is the act that is provided by an escort to create a stress-free environment in which a client is turned on to receive sexual pleasure.

Massage can have many types and functions in the escort business. In the context of escort industry it can be simply a sexual contact or a stress-relieving relaxing massage, when a client buys escort’s time to have a chat, dinner, or a walk, after which he enjoys the relaxing massage, carried out by a beautiful escort girl to finish a busy and tiring day.

Regarding the further functions, massage can be erotic or aphrodisiac stimulation to client in order that both the client and escort should be able to attune to each other as much as possible, relieving stress or tension. Erotic or aphrodisiac massage involves sexual contact as well because this kind of massage may include stimulation of the erogenous zones or sexual organs with hand, but it is not uncommon that erotic massage leads to oral and vaginal sex with the escort.

It also includes the so-called freshening massage before the sexual intercourse between escort and client. The massage like other favourites shown on escort sites (anal sex, deep throat, dominatrix play, fetishes, strap-on, etc.) can take place only after the escort meeting then the "French kissing" in case of shared sympathy.

It is worth being aware that massage provided by escorts should not be confused with the massage provided by massage therapists at massage saloons. Escorts do not specialize in relieving cramps and alleviating the pain of joint problems. The massage service is not the main profile of their activity, which has rather an erotic feature than medical. It is therefore possible that those escorts who undertake massage service might not be professional masseurs.

So we can say that the main function of a sensual escort massage is the attunement to gaining sexual pleasure and to creating a stress-free environment in which the escort and client can be fully in line with each other.

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