In the Trap of Escorts-part 1.

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My topic will be basically on prostitutes and escorts, that is what their opportunity to make a career or profit is by tricking guests. First of all, the first step is to make the tough and uncommon decision to become a prostitute or prostitute or any sort of sex worker. I don’t think escort girls’ profile needs any deeper explanation. Pretty girls tend to go abroad to work as an escort depending on what country and her regulations on prostitution they prefer. The regulations vary in each country with different risk factors. By the way, it is also essential to take into consideration how much can be earned in the escort or prostitute business. Many countries are preferred by escorts especially Sweden is found the best option, as well as Denmark and Germany provide great opportunities, not talking about the horrendous sum of money sheiks tend to pay for sexual services done by some nice European pussy. As I was referring to it in the first sentence, I’ll talk about the dirty practices how escorts usually trap the unsuspicious client whom they use to become his mistress, thus having a stable and regular income, or who help them somehow get out of sex industry. Because some time sex workers will have to get out of the business, and this profession, similarly to porn industry, doesn’t provide any pension scheme. Even if there were pension provided, it’d be a bit difficult to make up a 40-50 years long employment by working as a prostitute as what is the demand of sex market? Young prostitutes and escorts, big boobs, anal-trained asses and sucking lips. Of course the market doesn’t confine itself to only that, but if I asked men what kind of woman they would like to have sex with or do anal or deep throat or 69, most of them would choose young generations of prostitutes and escorts with tight tits and buttocks. Exceptions will ever exist, of course, because the perverse self is hiding in everyone in forms of fetishes and paraphilia like gerontophilia, sadomasochism, bondage, torture, strapon, although it won’t change the statistics that is men feel attractions towards young and pretty women.

Well, what about the prostitutes, escorts, porn-characters and those girls who sell their body live via the internet (webcam sex)? Working as a prostitute or an escort isn’t a sort of job that can be done until the worker have reached the high age to retire and get pension. They will have to be able to sustain themselves when the profession doesn’t need them anymore. They have to make a way out of the deep and dark pit of prostitution. I know there are escorts who can save as much money that is enough for the rest of their life. Some escorts manage to do so, but the others can just dream about it, because I know from my experiences that easy come money easy go. In vain they have collected millions, their heightened standard of living will take away the money they made by prostitution. And to be honest, what other things are prostitutes good at?                  

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