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As well as foods, certain drinks can ruin the intimate minutes of clients enjoying the company of their favourite prostitute or escort. One of the common mistakes is excessive alcohol consumption that may lead to erectile dysfunction with many male guests falling asleep on the bed. Patient and benevolent escorts or prostitutes of course wait until the end of the paid time and then the intoxicated guest is made to be thrown out. Drinking too much beer is also not advisable because incessant urination will torture the guest and in case of a massive erection urinary tract will be blocked so urination will be impossible. Meanwhile the bladder is just getting filled and filled which makes the guest unfocused who therefore cannot enjoy the service properly. In worse cases the full bladder will press a nerve-ending that will intensify erection as well as sexual desire eventually resulting in rupture of the bladder as the guest is unable to sense pain due to the intense orgasm.

Dairy consumption is also not recommended, especially milk, as it is hard to digest, mainly for those who have some lactose-intolerance because failing to digest milk-protein produces large quantity of gas in the digestive tract. 

It is advised to be careful with those drinks that contain high dosage of caffeine as they can expose the heart to extra stress in the moments of heightened blood-pressure, especially at the time of ejaculation, which is a risk factor in itself for aging punters.

So far we have seen what not to eat or drink before visiting a prostitute or escort, but now let us see some other practical things that would be good not to be done for the sake of undisturbed moments of the purchased pleasure.  To be continued...

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Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie
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"Milk, troublesome" - unless you're scandinavian =D
A neat racial for those of us who actually like milk

Phd.Bully · Nyfiken
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No problem if you don't have allergy to the lactose. But most ones have it.