Untitled masculinity - To certain sex buyers!

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Today, I woke up prepared to take my morning walk, when I was about to leave I read a post at sex-tjejer thread, which by the way I am not even allowed to write at because I speak my mind and create too much work. Well my feminist outspoken thoughts seems to upset people, specially the men the sex buyers.

I left the morning with extremely angry because the men, the sex buyers used the threads to spread their androcentric ideas, on how they are above escorts, how they categorize women - the ''girlfriend'' material vs ''escort'' material and where you can find them. In the perspective presented an escort is only good for sex, and not to have a relationship with - at home you need to have the saint good woman and in the streets you need to have the the dirty bad woman.

Ironically the men who claims to be ''different'' than others, to care about working conditions of an escort and also to be nice and gentle also has extreme sexist views on escorts and also do not mind to support a system that abuse women sexually and psychologically. They also think that a good escort is a quiet one, the one that does not speak their mind and just do what they want - sex wise of course.

I declare today my war against this kind of men, this type of animals, that use a tool, to spread prejudice, to categorize women, to suppress and undermine escorts/prostitutes.

While I am here, while I am an escort, I will not be quiet, I will combat and I will speak my mind. I will not allow myself to be categorized unless I say so. I refuse myself to watch chavist men that fail to find a  'good girlfriend', to come to the site and point fingers. We, escorts, need to fight the ignorance, the prejudice and misconceptions that some dick heads insists in reinforce.

whore             uneducated              whore material            greedy

 stupid cunt         bad english speaker               only good for sex

                      gold digger            not a girlfriend material        

Are you upset? Report me again... Ah and keep lying to yourself that you are a good man and model citizen!

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